121 Yoga for Women

Would you like to practise Yoga in tune with your natural cycles, to feel less tension and more connection to your inner wisdom?

A 121 Yoga for Women class includes a 60-75min Yoga session following an initial conversation.


What you will discover from this session:


  • A greater sense of embodiment, of feeling more grounded and present within your body.  Our lifestyle has so many distractions and there are so many things for us to DO.  We can feel that if we are not doing something then we are not valuable.  A yoga practice brings us back into our bodies and into the present.

  • A greater sense of the flow of energy (prana) around the body.  Everything in life is an energetic dance, we can enhance this through our bodies to allow us to feel more alive and vibrant.

  • An understanding of the natural cycles in a woman's body, whether you are menstruating or not.  Our energy is not as linear as a mans and we follow a cyclical nature which affects our emotions, energy, creativity and productivity.  The moon is associated with the feminine for this reason as it waxes and wanes through the month.  Hatha yoga was originally taught by men to men and a general yoga class does not always take into account the changes that occur in a woman's body throughout her lifetime. I aim to share a practice that can help support us in this and my own practice changes a lot throughout the month.

  • A deeper sense of listening to our own intuition and inner wisdom.  In my experience we are often told how we should act, how we should look and what is expected of us as woman in society, whether that is directly or subconsciously.  Our minds are constantly searching outwards looking 'out there' for answers, for distractions, for solutions.  Yoga practice encourages self-reflection (svadhyaya) so that we can uncover what is really true for us.

  • To feel more loving and accepting of yourself and less anxious as a result.

  • To feel a greater sense of connection to your higher self or the divine.


I am offering an initial introductory session for £20


These will be carried out online at a time that suits you.


Following the session you may like to have another or a series of sessions, priced as follows:


Individual class £30

Series of 4 classes £99

Series of 6 classes £139


Subsequent classes can be taken weekly, fortnightly or monthly whichever suits you.

Contact me to book your 121 Yoga class today!

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