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Reiki Master Practitioner and Yoga Teacher

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Why 'the light within' you may ask?

Hello I'm Claire, my intention is to help people to take care of their health  through Yoga practices and Reiki.  My motivation for beginning my journey into Yoga and Reiki in 2003 was to feel better so that I could enjoy my life to the full without feeling so stressed, anxious or depressed. At this time it felt like my inner light was dim, I couldn't see my way out and was not connected to the joy, love and to my true nature that only comes from within. Yoga and Reiki are ways of pointing me back in the right direction and to what I see as an inner light.  My own journey has been one of rediscovering and reconnecting to the light within and incidentally my name also means 'light' or 'clear'.


I love all things connected to natural health and healing and feel passionately about helping people to take responsibility for their own wellbeing. By taking responsibility we become empowered and understand ourselves better; we begin to learn that everything we need is already within us if we give ourselves the space to listen.

Yoga can help with anxiety, depression and to reconnect with a higher self or the divine.  Yoga can also help on a physical level with alleviating tension and restricted movement. I focus on teaching women to encourage greater connection to their inner wisdom and natural cycles.

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Reiki is a Japanese healing art which works on physical, mental and emotional conditions.  The word Reiki means the highest form of healing energy and is a holistic therapy that anyone can benefit from.  It is like a boost of positive energy for whenever you may be feeling tired, ill or run down.

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Kirtan is a form of Yoga practice that follows the the Bhakti Yoga path.  Through the singing of mantras connecting with many forms of the divine we are able to connect with the highest part of ourself.  It is literally singing ourselves home to that place of love, joy and peace within all of us.

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Join me and discover for yourself how these practices

can heal, transform and find the light within!

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Yoga and Meditation Classes


Join me online for a Yoga practice to help release tension, reduce anxiety and to improve the flow of energy around the body. Followed by a short Kirtan (Chanting) meditation

6pm - 7.15pm £6 

These classes will take place on Zoom

Meeting ID: 763 0641 3971

Password: yoga

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I teach flowing sequences and Yin (slow) yoga with elements of Qi Gong inspired movement. My classes also include breathing practices (pranayama), mudras (hand gestures to direct the flow of energy) and meditation. I hope to create a safe space for all to join me in practice and help to reconnect to our bodies, minds and breath for greater self awareness and healing.


Tuesday - Yoga and Meditation Class with Claire
Child's Pose
''So enjoyed the Yin session and kirtan at Parc Slip this evening. Highly recommend it - look forward to the next one.''
''I would like to thank you for introducing me to yoga. You are an excellent teacher.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the classes with you and really felt that I benefited from the practice.  I am certainly keen to continue!!''
"For anyone in need of Reiki, Claire is wonderful. I just had a very relaxing distant Reiki session with her"

Upcoming Events

Winter Stillness - Yin Yoga special

Tuesday 21st December 2021 - 6pm - 7.30pm Online via Zoom


Yin Yoga is perfect for any time of year but lends itself well to winter which is also 'Yin'. Winter is a time to reserve our energy ready for the spring. This will be a nourishing practice of longer held, floor based asanas which may help you to find space in your body and your mind.  We will finish our practice with an extended relaxation (Yoga Nidra).

Suitable for those who have some experience of Yoga or Meditation.

Once booked I will send you the Zoom link to access the workshop.

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