Yoga has so many benefits, for me it is a way of life and couldn't imagine a life without my yoga practice.  It is a place where I connect with my body, my breath and my soul.

On a physical level it helps to keep our bodies healthy and releases tension.  A regular practice also builds strength and can also help prevent degenerative conditions such as arthritis and osteoporosis.  Yoga also lowers blood pressure, improves blood flow and lymphatic drainage, helping to boost immunity and detox the body.

On a mental/emotional level it helps to reduce stress, anxiety and depression and can pave the way for making healthier choices and improving our diet and self esteem.  It helps to quieten the mind and relaxes the nervous system for deeper healing to take place.

Yoga is a spiritual practice and improves our connection to the divine or higher self.  This can give us inner resiliance, greater self awareness and focus of the direction we wish to take in life.


I teach flowing sequences and yin (slow) yoga with elements of Qi Gong inspired movement. My classes also include breathing practices (pranayama), mudras (hand gestures to direct the flow of energy) and meditation. I hope to create a safe space for all to join me in practice and help to reconnect to our bodies, minds and breath for greater self awareness and healing.

Child's Pose